Select and browse the drawing

You can easily select and browse the drawing.
After selecting the drawing under tree view.
you can more smoothly the drawing than other PDF viewer

Put the shape on the drawing

You can put lines, arrows, squares,
ovals, or checkmarks on the drawing.

Handwrite on the drawing

You can handwrite freely and smoothly on the drawing.

Paste photos and input comments

You can paste photos after taking by the built-in camera on the drawing [Also can paste photos in camera roll]. And you can input the comment on it.

Mail the information as PDF

You can mail the memo which you input, as PDF file, without thru server.
So you can share speedily the information with people which don't have SPIDER PLUS.

EXCEL Output

The uploaded the memo to the server can be output as the EXCEL file.
So you can add the information after outputting.

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